What’s the weirdest thing that a patient/customer has asked you?

So today… I was thinking about the weirdest thing someone has asked me…

So here goes….

Many many moons ago… in a distant land πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…

Someone came up to me with a random bag… 

yes sounds shady but keep reading… 

So you’re probably thinking “what was inside the bag πŸ€”?”… I was thinking the same thing at the time…

In the bag was a collection of various mushroomsπŸ„ or fungus if you prefer πŸ˜‚….

The customer asked me to identity the collection of fungi as apparently pharmacist in their homeland did this sort of work….

Now I know I have had a couple of modules of natural products… way way back in the good old days while doing my MPharm πŸ˜‚… Can’t say I was particular good at this module and I was out of my depth in this case…

This may seem funny now but that then I felt like I have no idea what to tell the customer… I had to politely decline as I would have no idea where to begin in identifying those mushrooms so I had to advise the customer to speak to a botanist or someone who knew about plants… which unfortunately wasn’t me….

So what’s the weirdest thing anyone’s asked you????


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