What assessments did I have while training to become an Independent Prescriber?

Now, you are all probably thinking…. “was there a written exam?”

I know the vast majority of people aren’t fans of written exams, and neither am I. Fortunately in this case I was lucky, I didn’t have a written exam. Although the other assessments more than made up for it.

So my first assessment was a case presentation. The challenge was to find a patient, contribute to improving their treatment and present this case at the University in front of a small group. I actually enjoyed this assessment as I like doing presentation…

Next was the terrifying OSCE… Yes I did say terrifying, because thats what it was… for those of you know don’t remember what and OSCE is, its basically a practical exam thats kind of like an assessed role play… The last time I’d done an OSCE was back when I was doing my finals for the MPharm all those million years ago (lol). You get 10 minutes to essentially do a full consultation with the patient with the end result being either to prescribe advice, write a prescription, or to refer…. which would you do?

Then there was the practice based audit… In this assessment you have to set up an audit from scratch… determine a title, set the criteria, complete the data collection, then finally critically analyse the data, and produce some evidence based changes to be implemented if necessary.

Before the last assessment, there is the case discussion. This one is similar the the case presentation but it involved having a discussion with the DMP to essentially give evidence based feedback on the treatment that a specific patient is receiving. This discussion is linked to a short essay summarising what you’ve done.

Lastly you have the never ending reflective portfolio. This is basically a collection of reflective entities from significant events that you may have come across at work or in the practice, along with reflections on additional learning based around your chosen specialism with the aim to ensure that you have met all of the prescribing competences and learning objectives for this course to be signed off.


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