What are Medicines Management Audits?

In my last post I started off talking about what I did at the GP practice as part of my Independent Prescriber training, time to continue…

Where did I get up to in my last post?…. Yes it was the Medicines Management audits…. Those of you who’ve never worked in GP surgeries are probably thinking what on earth are these?”

So within the CCGs, there are Medicines Management teams… These teams periodically set audits for the GP practices to do, assessing different aspect of prescribing on each occasion. These audits can generally be put into two classes:

1- Clinical – Is Drug A being prescribed for Condition A? If not then what needs to be done to correct this?

2 – Cost-effectiveness – Which test strips are being prescribed to the Diabetes patient’s at the practice? Are these the most cost-effective ones available? Are the quantities appropriate? and are these only prescribed for those who really need them? Following data collection, the prescribing habits would be amended to reflect guidance.



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