The came the fun fit…

So I’ve had my first day at uni… fortunately there aren’t many of those days…

Now I started going into the surgery where I had to spend 9hours over this six-month period.

This bit was perhaps the bit that I enjoyed the most during this course… Sitting in with the Doc during consultations, contributing into discussions, looking at medications histories and essentially reviewing a lot of case studies thereby supplementing both my practical and theoretical skills.

As I said before it can be very difficult store managing and doing the IP course together, this was one of the difficulties of juggling both tasks. I had to ensure I was only at my primary workplace four days a week (including most Saturdays), so that I would have two days free in the middle of the week to be able attend the surgery, fortunately the plan worked… although managing a store while working four days a week… good luck to anyone who does that, its one mission lol.


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