So what did I do at the practice?

Ok so now that Ive started doing my IP training at the practice, what did I actually do?

As I said I has two days a week available to work at the practice, which I used in the form of two X four hour sessions each week, which proved quite effective and I was able to see a range of different activities that took place at the surgery.

I started by shadowing a couple of Doctors. I did this for the first 2-3 weeks and in hindsight, this was too long. Shadowing is something thats good to do in the beginning yes but there is only so much you can learn but sitting and watching….

The next task that I undertook at the practice was to look at patient medication requests and screen them, does the patient need this item? Is there a diagnosed condition listed that warrants this item being prescribed? If so when was the last time this item was reviewed. I was reviewing medication requests this way along with looking at blood tests in certain cases to determine whether it was appropriate to continue this prescribing or if the patient needed to visit the Doctor. After reviewing these requests I would have a discussion with my DMP about my findings.

Once I was comfortable with reviewing these requests, the next job was to do medicines management audits, which aren’t the most interesting but these help you to see how in practice prescribing deviates from how it should be in theory, along with implementing actions to help bring the two together…..


More to come in my next post…. 🙂


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