And so it begins…

I started studying again in the early part of 2016… although I’d completed my diploma not so long ago so it was more like I’d started studying again again lol.

When I went to my first study day, the first thought that came into my mind was “this uni is far πŸ˜””, in all my concern about the content of the course I’d failed to take into account how far the uni actually was… but hey… you learn something new out of every experience (even if you don’t expect to do so).

I found the study days very good at this uni, although they were a bit intense at times, felt like I was back doing the MPharm again (which feels like a lifetime ago lol).

With all courses that you may be considering doing, when you look at the amount of work involved, it can look scary, and this course was by no means an exception. The Uni had told us that we were expected to do 600hours of work over the next six months as part of this course… this combined with working full time… it’s enough to make you feel as though your brain will melt lol… but don’t worry… there’s always a way 😊.

If I had a pick one word to associate with this course, I’d say REFLECT…. As part of this course you are expected to reflect on literally everything you do for the next six months… take a deep breath… you can do it… just make sure you start working from day one… complete the work in small chunks… and the next six months will fly by…

On the plus side…. student discount is back!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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