Time to reflect…

I’ve been working in community pharmacy for the majority of my career… recently I’ve been getting involved with some CCG work as well… but more on that later…

There are several career path options for Pharmacists… although we generally get told about community, hospital, and industry. Yes these are three major options and are quite distinct pathways. Traditionally once you had decided on a path during pre-reg, this would be the sector that you’d remain in for the majority of your career. Yes I agree it can be difficult to move sectors, especially out of community pharmacy and into one of the other major sectors, but it isn’t impossible, many people successfully manage to make this movie.

So tell me… do you think you are in the right sector of pharmacy?

If you are then that’s brilliant and I’m sure you are enjoying your career…

If answer is no then think about the various options that are available to you.

So have you thought about other options, aside from the three traditional sectors? 

There’s Academia, CCG Pharmacist, GP Practice Pharmacist (a new still evolving role), or you can expand your clinical knowledge without moving your job, for example complete a clinical diploma, thereby expanding your options without moving out of your current role.

Think about it and post some comments… I’d love to hear your views 🙂

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