Independent Prescribing…. should I still do it?

After finishing my diploma I kept going back and forth thinking “should I go on to do my independent prescribing course” and “do I really want to do more studying”…

Fortunately I had two friends who were a couple of steps ahead of me on this path so I could seek guidance from them periodically…

The main problem I faced was a lack of information and knowledge about further opportunities after qualifying as an Independent Prescriber but there was one major factor that helped to motivate me.

Within Community Pharmacy there has been a lot of uncertainty over the past few years at least… largely based around an excessive number of Pharmacists resulting from the many new schools of pharmacy that have opened up within the past few years…. this combined with the cuts that the pharmacy budget is facing year on year due to CatagoryM claw backs and more recently tougher cuts meant things won’t remain the same for long.

I knew community pharmacy is changing and I wasn’t going to be left behind… I decided to apply for Independent Prescribing in order to give myself the additional skills that I would need to stand out of the crowd of equally well qualified and experienced Pharmacists.

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