Early years as a Pharmacist

After completing my Pre-Registration year at an Independent Pharmacy I did locuming for a year. Life as a locum Community Pharmacist was as good as it can be for a newly qualified Pharmacist… you go into the store… complete the work that is asked of you… and go home at the end of the day without having to worry about any issues that may be unresolved in each store. In fact, the only aspect of locuming that I didn’t like, was the uncertainty that was present (and is present even more so today) within the locum market due to an ever rising number of Pharmacists.

After trying my hand at locuming I decided the time was right to get some stafax-1889030_1920bility. I took a job at a multiple which progressed from a store based Pharmacist role into a Pharmacist Store Manager role. Taking this position at the multiple is a decision that I have had second thoughts about multiple times over the years as I has led to me facing several challenges over the years. These include learning how to develop a store… training new staff members…. and even training for and implementing new services in store. Taking on this role has helped to shape my decisions as a Pharmacist even today… after being qualified as a Pharmacist for a little under 7 years.

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